Below are a few quotes provided by satisfied users of our systems


Gantt Builder System (Excel & Access)

"… the application is useful and simple, helped me get the job done without the need to purchase MS Project…"


Bruce Caico

President, RVSales.com

California, USA.


"… it is really a great product, and just what I was looking for, as it interacts with my own excel based project costing spreadsheets. I will be recommending it in a bulletin board I subscribe …"


Bill Fennell

Director, Fennell Consulting Ltd

Isleworth, UK.


"Thanks very much for the help …. I really do appreciate the help with this problem. I think you really have a unique program/add-on, and am impressed with the outcome of the Gantt Charts. I have been using an old program …. to prepare charts for construction claims and for expert witness testimony. It was built for Win 3.1 …. but your Gantt Chart Builder comes very close to the demonstration charts I need, so it will now replace the other program."


Bill Streitz

President, Contract Administrators Int’l., Inc.

 Change Management & Requirement Tracing System

"… is a mission critical environmental licensing system. Before we used CMS we had to use separate spreadsheets to log tasks, whether they were bugs, enhancements or issues. The project had to keep these lists updated manually everyday, and the managers had to combine them to determine our priorities and the development progress. Therefore, keeping them all up to date was extremely difficult and time consuming.


We needed something to help us pull it all together and better manage the process. The CMS system is a brilliant tool that provides a panoramic view of change management. You could instantly have the professionally done statistics' reports and graphs about the development progress. Now, the mangers can easily measure and make informed decisions.


The team has seen a tremendous increase in productivity. We can now spend more time on value-added activities and minimum time spent on administration tasks. Even the team members benefits from CMS, it allows each team member to quickly tracks their tasks they have completed or need to be completed today, this week, this month and total.


After all, the rich features of CMS definitely make my job easier."


Matthew L.

Senior Analyst Programmer / Lead Application Architect

Sydney, NSW, Australia


"… as an Integration Software Tester I found CMS an extremely useful tool for reporting, monitoring and projecting. Not only was the reporting excellent but the main advantage I found was the user friendly interface.  Because CMS uses Microsoft Excel all members of staff were literally able to use the product within minutes with minimal training, unlike some very complex tools on the market that require extensive training and are complex, cumbersome and expensive. I would highly recommend the use of CMS in any software/system development project."


Katrina M.

Integration/Test Team Leader

Sydney, NSW, Australia

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