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  • Time Guardian

    Gaming and Internet addiction is now recognised as a serious problem for computer users. Time Guardian can assist parents, employers and individuals to control and monitor the time spent on computer applications.
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  • Gantt Chart Builder System

    The Gantt Chart Builder System (GBS) has been developed to provide basic Gantt charting functions within a Microsoft® Office environment, without the need to purchase Microsoft® Project®. Although, Project® data can be exported into the GBS system to allow greater flexibility on the chart attributes like colour, etc.
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  • Change Management System

    The Change Management System (CMS) and the Requirement Tracing System (RTS) toolset's provide a methodology and supporting toolset to aid project managers and software developers manage and control software/systems development projects. The systems provide for the collation of metric based analysis information that allows informed decisions to be made and acted upon.
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  • VBA Code Profiler

    The Visual Basic for Application (VBA) Code Profiler System (VBACP) has been developed to fit a niche market. The systems allow developers of VBA systems to profile their code to analyse for run-time performance issues as well as execution path analysis.
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  • VB & VBA Code Printer

    The Visual Basic (VB) & Visual Basic for Application (VBA) Code Printer System (VBPRT) has been developed to provide you with a single tool to format and print your Visual Basic 5 and 6 code as well as your Microsoft Word/Excel VBA code. The systems also allows for the printing of various statistics about the code included number of functions, line of code counts etc. Developers of VB and VBA systems will find this tool useful and complementary to their existing development toolset.
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  • Access Database Content Reporter

    The Access Database Content Reporter System (DCR) has been developed to provide you with a single tool to format and print your reports on the contents and setting of your Microsoft® Access® databases.
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