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Time Guardian

Gaming and Internet addiction is now recognised as a serious problem for computer users. Time Guardian can assist parents, employers and individuals to control and monitor the time spent on computer applications.

Time guardian is a parental control program that can restrict access to a wide variety of applications, using either time of day restrictions, or by monitoring the total time spent. This includes games, internet browsers, messaging systems (such as Live Messenger) and many other Windows based applications. You also have the option of completely blocking software indefinitely.

You can set time limits for each application individually or group applications together by type (such as “Games”). Therefore, it does not make a difference how much time the user has spent on a particular game, rather; the total time spent gaming.

Each child can have separate limitations. For example: if you want to restrict the youngest child to 1 hour of games per day and your teenager to 4 hours this is possible. These limitations are customisable for daily, weekly or even monthly usage scenarios. Once the time limit has been reached, they will no longer have access to that application, or group of applications. Also, the termination of a program is done in an elegant manor. Visual and auditory alerts are given well before applications are terminated, allowing the user to save their game/work.

For more information, or to purchase a copy, visit the Time Guardian website: www.timeguardian.com.au

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