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The Database Content Reporter System (DCR) provides you with a single tool to format and print your reports on the contents and settings of your Microsoft® Access databases. The DCR reports are fully customisable to the user via the ability to customise any report including the creation of your own report designs, and for Access 2000 and above systems, reports can include images of your reports and forms. Also, the output from DCR can be to the printer, Microsoft Word document, or to a number of standard graphic file formats.


Below is a sample of the Form’s report:


Database Content Reporter

System Pre-requisites


The Database Content Reporter (DCR) System requires no additional software to be installed, except for any one of the following; Microsoft® Access® 97, Access® 2000, Access® XP, or Access® 2003/2007/2010 to be installed on your computer.

Report Output Formats


Reports may be generated in Access’ standard ‘Print Preview’ mode, as well as printing directly to the nominated printer. In addition, the reports may be saved to disk in any of the following formats, as a:


  • Microsoft Word file
  • Microsoft WordPad file
  • set of enhances windows metafile format graphic (EMF) file
  • set of windows metafile format graphic(WMF) file
  • set of windows bitmap format graphic (BMP) file
  • set of JPeg format graphic (JPG) file


Below is a sample of the ‘Save As’ dialog:


Database Content Reporter

Main Window’s Tab Structure


The application has two main tabs, one for detailing the contents of a specific project and allowing the user to select the appropriate components. The other tab is used to configure and customise your own reports for the system. These two tabs are detailed below.


Report Builder Tab

Database Content Reporter


Report Designer Tab

Database Content Reporter

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