015 GBS Excel Plus Pak Upgrade Only

015 GBS Excel Plus Pak Upgrade Only

$29.95 (Excl. GST)

1 to 4 $29.95 each
5 to 9 $27.70 each
10 to 19 $26.20 each
20 to 49 $19.50 each
50 or more $14.95 each


The PLUS version allows PERT charts and Resource profiles to be constructed.

You MUST ALREADY HAVE PURCHASED the Standard Version to make this purchase.

Also, your order quantity MUST match your original order quantity.

Your original purchase ID will be requested by email before this order is fulfilled.

Volume Pricing

7.5% discount for orders for 5 or more licences,
12.5% discount for orders for 10 or more licences,
35% discount for orders for 20 or more licences, and
50% discount for orders for 50 or more licences.

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